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Aurora Plastics offers a line of semi-rigid PVC for pipe liners.

For pipe liner applications, AuroraTec? compounds are PVC-based material specifically designed for the lining of old underground pipe lines to alleviate leaks, inflows or eventual blockage from invasive tree roots.

The material is extruded into “fold and form” pipe liners, where installers pull through the old pipe to create a liner.

AuroraTec? compounds offer the unique ability to replace pipe liners with “trenchless” or “no-dig technology.” In this process, the material expands under heat and pressure, inflating against the pipe to remain tight as it cools.

Using AuroraTec??for underground pipe repair gives extruders and installers the confidence of knowing they are using one of the industry’s best compounds for the application.

Aurora Plastics also has the capability to pre-color AuroraTec??material to any Pantone color for a specific match.

Aurora Plastics compounds for pipe liner applications.

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