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Flexible, soft-to-the-touch and food/beverage safe with superior clarity and excellent processing capabilities: the list of what you get with AuroraFlex? Clear TPE and FPVC is extensive, but it’s just the beginning of the possibilities.?亚博全站浏览器-首页

The AuroraFlex Clear product line covers a variety of application needs and can deliver proven physical properties, including low odor/no odor formulas and tear resistance. We also provide non-phthalate and Prop 65 compliant grades, as well as a new grade of clear, flame-retardant, UL 94 V0 at 1.5 mm thickness. Our standard product offering is just the beginning of what we can do for you.?

Aurora Plastics offers full customization to your precise specifications – whether you need a slight modification or something more extensive, we can make it happen. In most cases, every AuroraFlex Clear product we produce is developed and further refined to meet each customer’s specific set of application needs. We will develop compounds with your end product goals or process criteria in mind. ?

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AuroraFlex? Clear thermoplastic elastomers are incredibly soft, flexible and resilient, making them ideal for a variety of consumer and food-grade applications, including grips, gaskets, seals, consumer electronics, tubing, footwear and toys.?

  • Plasticizer-free?
  • Quick and consistent processing: does not?require drying
  • Oil-free CLR 65 and 75 formulas; ideal for no-kink extruded tubing requiring high strength

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AurorFlex Clear flexible PVC is a cost-efficient alternative to TPEs. Aurora Plastics uses numerous proprietary additives to promote flexibility and clarity, and we can even use non-migrating plasticizers to meet your specific application needs.

  • Lower run temperature reduces energy consumption during processing
  • Faster cycling means excellent processability and reduced scrap

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