Exterior CPVC Compounds

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Aurora Plastics offers AuroraTec? interior grade rigid composite PVC compounds, ideal for applications that utilize composite technology. Highly versatile, our proven compounds are often used to reinforce end-use products, including decking, railing, windows, and doors. They can be used as stand-alone compounds or as structural substrates, along with capstock, in two-part systems for applications that require high weatherability. Either way, our AuroraTec? compounds provide a wide processing window and excellent impact resistance.

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With AuroraTec? PVC Composites, enhanced dimensional stability is achieved. At more than twice the tensile or flexural modulus of typical PVC substrates, higher performance engineered profiles are possible. Combined with a lower coefficient of expansion, you also get significantly less contraction or expansion due to temperature fluctuations. AuroraTec PVC Composites are not only designed for versatility – they’re also designed for usability, with a processing friendly material that won’t wear processing equipment like other composites.

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We blend AuroraTec PVC Composites from a unique mixture of polymers and reinforcement materials, creating tensile and thermal properties that deliver for your project – as well as your equipment. Our proprietary formula features an abrasiveness that is similar to standard PVC, for processing that minimizes equipment wear and tear.?

With AuroraTec PVC Composites you get all the benefits of traditional PVC plus:亚博全站浏览器-首页

  • High tensile or flexural modulus (stiffness) compared to traditional PVC.
  • Lower coefficient of expansion means less expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations.
  • Processing friendly material that won’t wear down equipment like other composites.
Aurora Plastics Composites for Window and Door Applications